Beds And Britches, Etc. Service Project


Once again, our club members went into action at B.A.B.E. as a follow up to our original service project.

Only this time…the diapers were really stacking up!  But nothing would stop our gang of Pamper Packers!!!

A group of us met on December 6th at B.A.B.E. to have our monthly meeting and to package up the diapers needed for distribution to those in need.   We had a great time, listened to some Christmas Carols, got to interact and learn more about each other, and most importantly….GIVE BACK TO THOSE IN NEED!

To learn more about B.A.B.E – Check out this B.A.B.E Fact Sheet or this really informative B.A.B.E Brochure

Here are some pictures showcasing the FUN time we had helping others!!


To learn more about how you can get involved…please contact us!  We are more than happy to invite you to one of our club meetings!!

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